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Touristic Sites:

Bebers Tower; the Karak Castle;

3736 Km
Female: 81157
Male: 88395
Total: 169552

Arab Potash Co.
Phosphate Mining Co. (White Valley)
Tomatoes Factory;

Local: Males: 5940, Females: 255
Foreign: 4453
Agricultural Land: 57332 Dunum

General services:
Mutah University
Community Colleges:1 including 910 students
Schools Public: 78 including 15291, Private: 3 including 995
Roads: Main: 137 Km
Secondary: 30 Km
Agricultural: 100
Rural: 90
Transportation: Buses 20
Micro Buses 145
Taxi Office 1( 14 cars)


Karak is 130 km to the south of Amman. It is 930 meters above sea level , on a mountain that overlooks the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. Karak is a very old city and its name was mentioned in the Old Testament . It played a great part during the reign of Mesha' , the King of Moab.

Karak is an interesting religous touristic site. It has the graves of the Islamic military leaders who fought in the Mu'tah Battle. It is also well known for sports especially mountain climbing and dear hunting. Karak environment is very clean, its mineral water springs are used as medical treatment for special diseases.

Moreover, Karak is distiguished for its beautiful nature and clean air. One of the most important archaeological sites is the Karak Castle, Rabbah, al-Qasr, al-Baloo, Mu'tah and Mazar. Mu'tah University is in Karak and it includes a militry College