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As the summer’s sultry season has come to an end, many people welcome the crisp and light air of October.  For many, October reminds us all that some of our favorite holidays are just around the corner.  Some of us look forward to the changes of color that this season brings, from radiant red to pumpkin orange and bright saffron.  Others of us are thankful for this annual season as a reminder that life goes on and things change.  But for some, all of these things will pass by without notice.  For some, they will be too occupied with their own burden to notice the delightful ambiance that autumn surrounds us with.  Who are these people, you may ask.  Victims of breast cancer. 


Did you know that every two minutes, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer?  Did you know that every 14 minutes a life is lost to breast cancer?  And did you know that 40,000 people will die this year from breast cancer, not to mention that 400 of them will be men.(Source:


Breast cancer can attack anyone at anytime, even without family history.  Make October your very own breast cancer awareness month.  Knowledge is power, strengthen yourself by becoming aware. 


By Tina Z.

(Tina Z is a regular visitor of LinkMosaic and volunteered to write the “Mission of the month” section for this month.  You are welcome to write a similar piece about a cause you feel passionate about for consideration for the month of November. If selected all commission earned from links on our site will go to your cause.)


LinkMosaic has dedicated the month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month to promote a greater understanding of this all too common disease. All commission collected during the month of October will be donated to this Cause.


For more information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, visit:


National Breast Cancer Awareness Month:


Susan G. Komen for the Cure :


Race for the Cure time Table:



For the month of September 07 all income will be donated to the Emergency fund of ADRA International.  Between the Asian Monsoon, the Peru Earthquakes and the Hurricane Season, I am sure they can use the help to replenish their Emergency Response Fund which is dedicated to emergencies. I hope we can raise a good amount through your support of the site.

Please browse the list of partners we have. If you use another website that is not on the list let me know so I can see if they have an affiliate program.

As you know, your ideas and opinions are always welcome.

Have a great September.



UPDATE: Thank you again for all your efforts. We have generated $125 to donate to the Unicef Education Funds.



Back 2 School…if you can!


August is back to school month for a lot of parents and merchants. As a parent myself, I think I am more worried about school than my daughter.  As I prepare for  my own,  I like to take few moments to think about the parents who can’t afford to take their childrend back to school…


This month, I am going to donate the majority of the referral revenue to the UNICEF.


According to their web site:

“Education is a basic human right, vital to personal and societal development and well being. All children deserve a quality education founded on a rights-based approach and rooted in the concept of gender equality. A rights-based approach to education will address inequalities in our societies that are deep-rooted and often gender-based. Such inequalities exclude millions of children, particularly girls, from school or condemn them to educational experiences of very poor quality. ….”  


If you are interested in donating to a charity that support education, visit where you can evaluate them on line.


If you are shopping online for back school, here are some of the partners that will give back a percentage of your transactions.


UPDATE: $200 was collected and will be donated for this cause.



JUNE 2007




For the period of April/May/June 2007 the income generated from transactions you perform through our website will go to help Cleft Lips Children get access to much needed surgery and change their life forever.  

From the web site:


Clefts are a major problem in developing countries where there are millions of children who are suffering with unrepaired clefts. Most cannot eat or speak properly. Aren’t allowed to attend school or hold a job. And face very difficult lives filled with shame and isolation, pain and heartache.The good news is every single child with a cleft can be helped with surgery that costs as little as $250 and takes as little as 45 minutes.”


Thank you again for your continuous support for the site and the mission.



Click, Support and Make difference…


April 5, 2007




March was another good month. $200 was collected from transactions made through the site. $100 will be donated to and $100 for the victims of the Asian earthquake through


I have changed the design to give more space for the text and also made a section to list all the websites that we are affiliated with to make it easy for you to find them. Go to the link on the navigation bar or see the list of partners.


Also, check out the visitor’s trading post, we added few links there.


I am also looking for volunteers who would like to work on designing an attractive logo and help with the web design.


Thanks you again for your support and spreading the word.  


Have a great April…




March, 5, 2007:

February was another successful month, Thank you for your efforts.  The majority of February income will go to support the  American Heart Association Jump Rope For Heart 2006 – 2007. In addition $50 will go to support the efforts to reduce the effects of drought in Africa.

This month we have new partners:


Lets aim for another good month in March, and if you have a Cause you want to recommend please email; PROPOSE A CAUSE!

Remember: what goes around- comes around.

FEB 5, 2007--Well, January was an average month, expected after the holiday season. I noticed some new visitors utilizing the links on the site. Of course I am still depending on you and your word of mouth to market the site. I have been trying to promote it on a couple of forums like and


This month also I have lunched my LM forum to post any deals and tips.


This month we generated revenue of $110 which will go the American cancer society,  (


We added the following merchants to out Mosaic: ( Sizes for women) ( Tax prep help and online filing.)


Thank you for your continuous support for the site.



JAN 1 2007



Thank you all for your helping in prompting this site last year.  In December we collected $220, which visitors choose to go to the Salvation Army.


Wishing that 2007 bring you happiness, success and a prosperous life.



DEC 17, 2006


Well the Vote is in, LM visitors choice of charity will be the Salvation Army. At the end of the month, I will let you know how much the final amount we will donate as some item are still not recorded with the Affiliate management companies.


Today Time magazine published its choice of the Man ( women) of the year and it was YOU.  Yes you made a difference last year. So congratulate your self…


Please accept my warm wishes for a Happy and a Merry Holiday Season. I say holiday because YOU may be celebrating Christmas, Or Hanukah or maybe even Eid EL-Adha (Fest of Sacrifice).


This Month marks also the one year anniversary of this site and the Link Mosaic Project. I want to thank all of you: Family, Friend, and Guests for make it happen.


Again, thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR..


DEC 8, 2006

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas,


During  this holiday season, as you run around the malls and surf the Web looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones,  take few moments to help others.


This month is inviting you to choose the monthly cause and charity.  Remember, by starting your online shopping form  you can play a big part in helping someone else.   Through,  a percentage of your transaction will be donated.  


Thank you and have a Safe Holiday.



DEC 4, 2006


Thank you all for your support for our site and the November campaign.  You helped raise $150 for the HIV/Aids Research. Now comes the Question what to do with the December income.  I will leave it to you, please vote by the 15th.





Lillian&Vernon Linens 'n Things OVERSTOCK

November 22, 2006


Lets make a difference!

This season, use your mouse to make a difference. You can make your clicks give a gift to someone beyond your list.

Each link and banner on this site represents a mosaic of online merchants. These merchants will contribute a percentage of transactions made thought this site, if there is enough funds each month it will be donated to an NGO. The cause name and the amount will be listed monthly. See the list.

Remember, I am not soliciting donation or asking for monetary contribution, you can do that directly to your favorite charity or organization. Rather, I would like to utilize the added benefit of our online activities for a good cause.

If you share my mission, you can help promote it by using this site as the starting page to all your online shopping and browsing, and tell your friends about us.

This site is meant to be interactive and visitor driven, so all comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome. Visitors are also invited to nominate any NGO or suggest a cause for any month.

I you are looking for deals, here are some site with good one, get the coupon codes and use the links here:

A web guide to international nongovernment (NGOs) and private voluntary (PVOs) organizations.




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