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Linkmosaic is a Charity mall

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"A charity mall is an online mall that donates a percentage of any sale to one or more charities of the customer's choice; the percentage donated varies widely from 1% to 100%. Typically the charity mall sells no products of its own but instead acts as a central web location other online vendors. A charity mall often relies on third party affiliate marketing services in order to rapidly establish contractual relationships with these vendors. There are advantages to all parties involved with a charity mall. Charities can receive donations with little or no effort on their part. Donors can make donations without increasing the cost of a purchase they may have been planning to make anyway. The vendors and the charity mall can both gain customers and profits."

Lets make a difference!

Each link and banner on this site represents a mosaic of online merchants.  These merchants will contribute a percentage of transactions made through this site, if there is enough funds each month it will be donated to an NGO.  The cause name and the amount will be listed monthly.  See the list


Remember, I am not soliciting donation or asking for monetary contribution, you can do that directly to your favorite charity or organization. Rather, I would like to utilize the added benefit of our online activities for a good cause.    


If you share my mission, you can help promote it by using this site as the starting page to all your online shopping and browsing, and tell your friends about us.


In addition, I would like to eventually be able to use the traffic to this website to help promote and support non-profit organizations that work to reduce poverty and support human development in poor countries.


This site is meant to be interactive and visitor driven, so all comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome. Visitors are also invited to nominate any NGO or suggest a cause for any month.




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